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What the Duck?

As if we needed more animals on our property...we "adopted" two ducks. In other words, one of our daughter's college friends bought two ducks, and as they grew, rather quickly, thought they would be happier here.

Here they first we were told they were Black Runner Ducks, but we quickly realized they were not. They are Cayugas. (There will be a picture of them a bit older later)

This of course led to more ducks. I mean, they are kind of like potato chips, once you have one, or two, ya want more! But trust me....we've stopped.

When we added to our"adopted" ducklings we tried getting mating pairs and added a few extra females for good measure, and eggs of course.

I'll do a separate post at a later date showing them young and then all grown up, but for's a few pics of our flock...

Aside from the Rouen and the crested with their little puff on top, they all kind of look similar, but as they are growing they are becoming more and more …

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